7月 3, 2021 • 星期六
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The world’s first PI mall issues its own governance and equity token okpi

Introduction to okpi coin:

Okpi token (referred to as okpi coin) is a token score issued by PI mall platform based on blockchain for platform governance and equity sharing;

Okpi features:

Okpi coin is issued based on PI network blockchain (before the main network of PI network is launched, the initial contract of okpi coin is built on the smart chain of fire coin, and it has been open source. In the future, the main network of PI network will be launched on PI network). The total number of okpi coin is 1 trillion, and it has the characteristics of holding coin, automatic repurchase, burning deflation, etc;

Okpi acquisition method:

1. The initial acquisition method can be exchanged on famous decentralized trading platforms such as mdex. You can download hot money wallet or TP wallet, search mdex decentralized exchange, and use usdt, BTC, ETH, HT in the exchange column.

The smart contract address of okpi coin on the heco chain is:


(please check carefully)

2. In the second stage, the global public offering of okpi will be launched. The public offering volume is 15% of the total amount of okpi, which will be managed by the public welfare foundation in Singapore. The offering price is the open market price of okpi when the offering starts;

Please pay attention to the official website announcement of PI Mall for the specific opening time of public offering. At that time, the specific qualification of participants will be strictly reviewed;

Note: at present, okpi coin is only issued on heco, and has not been mapped to other public chains, including PI network public chain. Please be careful to identify it;

Okpi function usage:

1. Service purchase

The relevant service purchase of PI mall needs to be paid through okpi, such as the technical service fee of the store, the deposit of the store, the real name KYC of the official user of PI mall, etc. In addition, the okpi of member level service is also used as the voucher, and members of different levels enjoy different barter qualifications;

2. Product purchase

All goods in PI mall can be paid by PI currency. Meanwhile, some special goods, such as active goods and special goods, will also introduce okpi currency as payment voucher. This setting allows businesses to make relevant settings according to their own products and services;

3. Advertising bidding

In addition, other platforms in the ecosystem of PI mall, such as classified information publishing platform and investment promotion platform, need to pay for okpi;

4. Holding money

If the holder of the okpi keeps the token in the decentralized wallet, he will also enjoy the effect of holding the token brought by other users in the chain buying and selling okpi coins;

5. Platform governance

The future governance of PI mall adopts Dao model, that is, all the holders of okpi participate in the governance of PI mall, and okpi is the relevant certificate of participating in platform governance;

Okpi security plan: it is a consumer protection plan launched by PI mall. For the businesses providing products or services in PI mall, they need to pay a certain amount of okpi as the guarantee money for product quality and after-sales service. If they violate the service regulations of PI mall, provide substandard products to consumers or violate the service commitment, PI mall will compensate the corresponding consumers according to the guarantee money plan.

The world's first PI mall issues its own governance and equity token okpi
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