PI ecology’s first developer award activity: 100000 US dollars 100000 pi

2021 Pi2Day

To celebrate the Pi2 day, Pi is excited to launch the new Pi Apps utilities platform, Pi Developer Portal and Pi Hackathon. Community developers will now be able to begin building and testing applications on the Pi platform for millions of users to use.

Project overview and significance

Pi is a global cryptocurrency with high transaction throughput, providing instant global financial settlements. On top of this utility, Pi Network seeks to self-actualize by providing value through a decentralized network of programmatic utilities (apps) that use the Pi blockchain as a medium of exchange to transact goods and services. The new Pi Utilities Platform is built as the infrastructure to that end, connecting with the Pi Testnet blockchain in the backend (and eventually the Mainnet) and with Pi Browser’s user accessibility in the frontend.

Pi Utilities Platform Launch

Through community development, Pi apps will be implemented as web-apps that run inside the Pi Browser. With the current SDK, Pioneers can make Test-Pi payments to third-party apps and vice versa. A Pi payment is always initiated and permitted at the computing device of the sender, be it an individual Pioneer or a third-party app, because it’s the sender who must sign it with their own private key. Third-party Pi apps can request a Pioneer to pay them Pi for goods and services through the Pi wallet with a simple JavaScript call using the Pi JavaScript SDK. Pioneers pay by signing the transaction through their Pi Wallet. Third-party Pi apps can send Pi to Pioneers by signing through their developer wallet on their servers.

Pioneers can visit a third-party app website through Pi Browser. When they want to purchase something on that app, they can tap to pay-in-Pi to be redirected to the Pi wallet’s address wallet.pi, where they can access their own wallet and approve the payment. After the payment is successfully registered on the Pi blockchain, they will be redirected back to the address of the third-party app to proceed.

All transactions occurring on the current platform use only Test-Pi since its SDK and Pi apps payment flows are connected with the Pi Testnet blockchain. Our goal is to iterate and improve the Platform and its Pi Apps with the community so that they will be compatible and ready to go once Mainnet launches.

For ecosystem app developers to focus on developing Pi utilities and features without worrying about scalability and server costs, we built standardized development and deployment resources — a specialized Kubernetes cluster with accompanying docker containers. Ecosystem apps developers can upload their apps directly onto the Pi’s cluster of thousands of server CPUs, ready to run. More details about this resource will be released soon.

Pi Developer Community Launch

Launched a few weeks ago, Pi Network’s new Developer Portal allows community developers to register for credentials to access Pi Platform APIs and create third-party Pi apps on the Pi Testnet. Through the Developer Portal, Developers can access different resources and perform compliance check-ins in the future.

For announcements, iterative communications and developer community management, we are also launching a dedicated Discord server for developers to connect & build Pi together. The Discord server will provide educational resources, AMAs and community events dedicated to help the developer community build the next-generation of Pi Apps. Participants who 1) pass a developer quiz on Brainstorm to become a verified developer and/or 2) join a Hackathon team will be invited to this Discord server. If you belong to either category above, please wait for our invitation inside our Pi app.

BuildPi2gether Pi Hackathon Announcement

To kick off our developer community’s launch, Pi Network is announcing the start of our new Pi Hackathon today! The #BuildPi2gether Hackathon is a collaborative event where Pioneers & developers join together to build the future of Pi. We will be hosting the Hackathon over 7 weeks from June 28-August 10th.

There are two categories of apps to build:

Ecosystem apps – Functional apps that better the ecosystem & functions. Business apps – Apps that serve a consumer or commerce product.


$100,000 USD and 100,000 Pi will be offered as prizes for top team projects that meet the criteria.

For each category of apps (Ecosystem & Business apps)

1st prize = US$20,000 + 20,000 Pi

2nd prize = US$15,000 + 15,000 Pi

3rd prize = US$10,000 + 10,000 Pi

Honorary mentions (5 winners) =- US$1000 each + 1,000 Pi

l: Up to US$50,000 and 50,000 Pi in prizes per category, which makes $100,000 USD and 100,000 Pi for both categories.

Selected judges and the Pioneer community will evaluate completed projects, and the Pi Core team will decide winners based on these ratings.

To participate in the online hackathon:

Join the Hackathon on the Brainstorm app

Propose an idea or join an existing team.

Join your hackathon team’s dedicated discord channel after the invitation to the new developer Discord server.

Start building your idea with your team until August 10th with a mid-term progress report and final video presentation!

A well-balanced Hackathon team will compromise of experts in:

Development: Builders of the third-party Pi app with code

Business: Professionals determining the business viability and growth of the project

Marketing and Communications: Specialists presenting their product vision to the community

Design: Artists creating the UI/UX of the app for Pioneers’ usability

Others: Pi Hackathon is open to everyone! Communicate and utilize your special skill sets to contribute to the future of Pi. Reach out to teams and share your expertise.

For the detailed agenda of the Hackathon, read more on this blog post.

Overall, the Pi Hackathon will help foster the decentralized development of Pi’s ecosystem on the Pi Platform, leveraging the power of our global community to achieve the breadth and scale of traditional economies, where real value and utilities are created.

Pioneers, let’s #BuildPi2gether!!!

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