In the future, PI coin will generate demand and value in these fields!

There are many sources of value for PI coins. The following are mainly about four aspects.
First, advertising demand.
PI has more than 6 million active participants in the world at present, and will exceed 10 million or even more than 100 million in the future. Such a large number of users, for businesses, is undoubtedly a huge advertising marketing position. If these businesses want to advertise on the PI platform, they must pay in PI currency. They don’t have PI coins themselves. They need to use French currency to buy PI coins from miners like us in the market, and then use them to pay advertising expenses on the PI platform. This kind of business advertisement demand, formed one of the most original value of PI coin.
Second, cross border payment demand.
If we have friends who have been Amazon cross-border e-commerce, we should know better. At present, in the field of cross-border trade and cross-border payment, the cost is very high. First, cross-border platforms have to charge a round of fees, second, third-party payment platforms have to charge a round of fees, and then banks have to charge a round of fees. These three rounds of expenses can account for more than 20% or 30% of the cost. What’s more, the funds are often t + 7 or T + 15 to their own accounts.
So, is there a low-cost, simple and timely cross-border payment method? The PI that you are involved in is undoubtedly the ideal way.
In the future, when businesses all over the world carry out various business activities on the platform of PI, they only need to pay with PI currency, which can arrive in seconds. There is no cumbersome process and no high handling charges. Therefore, this cross-border payment demand will also endow PI with great energy and value.
Third, property security needs.
The demand for property security is divided into two parts: anti inflation and anti devaluation, and anti theft and freezing.
Anti inflation and anti devaluation are mainly relative to the unregulated excessive issuance of French currency. However, PI will be completely discontinued in the near future. Its total amount is constant and its value will increase with the increase of market demand.
Anti theft freezing is based on the PI blockchain technology, which is encrypted. Without the key, even the PI platform itself can not enter the user’s PI wallet and use the PI coins in it. And we know that the current legal currency can’t do this. The bank can freeze your property at any time, and can also misappropriate your property. Therefore, this demand for property security will also encourage people to use and hold PI coins.
Fourth, business and data security.
Tiktok has been losing China’s software over the past few days, and dozens of China’s software has been destroyed. The international version of the international version of the India international voice is said to have lost more than 6 billion dollars.
Why is that? In the final analysis, it is still because the traditional Internet application market is centralized and monopolized. It is controlled by a certain power group. If you want to go up or down, you can’t do anything.
But if tiktok tiktok is an Dapp running on Pi platform, Indians can’t just shake the noise off the shelf. As soon as pi is on the main network, it will automatically run in the network world. Unless the power is cut off all over the world, otherwise, it will always exist and will not be controlled and changed by anyone. This feature can guarantee the safe operation of software in the network. For thousands of companies and enterprises, it is almost a just need. Therefore, this demand will also be reflected in the value of PI coins.
To sum up, the value of PI coin is due to its huge user group and the characteristics of encrypted digital currency, which can meet the needs of businesses, enterprises and individuals. The value of PI coin is not produced out of thin air, but comes from various demands widely existing in reality.
The key to all this is that Pi must have as many user groups as possible in as many regions of the world as possible.
When the user group of PI in the world exceeds 100 million, it will be the beginning of an unimaginable new era!

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