Norton Internet Security 2011

Norton Internet Security 2011
  • All of the features of Norton 360 except tuning PC and automatic online backup of media
  • 1 Year protection

Product description

Strong on protection light on system resourcesProduct InformationProtect yourself with Norton Internet Security 2011. Fast and light Norton Internet Security 2011 (single user) safeguards your PC without slowing it down. You’ll enjoy rock-solid security without sacrificing performance. Norton Internet Security 2011 helps prevent cybercriminals from stealing your identity and your hard-earned money when you go online. It warns you of unsafe websites and suspicious online merchants right in your search results. It even blocks known malicious sites letting you surf socialize shop and bank online without worrying about being scammed or ripped off. Norton Internet Security 2011 also stops viruses and other threats so you can email chat and download files without getting or passing on viruses to your family and friends. IncludesAntivirusAntispywareAnti RootkitSmart FirewallNetwork MonitoringParental ControlsNorton Safe WebProfessional-Strength AntiSpamIdentity ProtectionNew FeaturesNorton Safe Web (Social Media Scanner)Protect yourself and your Facebook friends from dangerous websites cybercriminals and other online threats.Proactive Performance AlertsAlerts you when an application is slowing down your PC so you can make changes to improve performance.Improved FeaturesParental Controls ManagementTrack where your kids go and what they do online so you can keep them safe from online dangers and teach them good Internet habits.Key BenefitsWhy Choose Norton Internet Security 2011:Lets you email chat and surf the Web without worrying about cybercriminals ripping you offDelivers the industry’s fastest security suite for protection from online dangers without sacrificing performanceGuards against online identity theft so you can shop bank and visit social networks with confidenceUpdates automatically offers easy-to-use features and includes free customer support during your subscription periodEmail chat and surf the Web

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  • pi 5月 23, 2020 9:48 上午

    About two weeks ago my daughters computer was attacked with somthing which tried to make her think her hard-drive was failing. It masked itself as a windows recovery program. It asked her to go on line to download a fix for the problem. Knowing you cannot fix a failing piece of hardware with software she suspected she had a virus. She contacted a Mcafee representative to see what could be done. They agreed it was a virus and had her run several scans. It found one infected file but did not find this virus and could not get rid of it. She wanted to know how come Mcafee did not stop this virus and could not fix it. She was told that they can’t stop everything. She immediately cancelled her automatic renewal to Mcafee, and I ordered this for her. She did not use her computer until the Norton arrived. We then removed the Mcafee and installed Norton, and imediately scanned the computer. It found and removed three threats immediately. When it finished we tried using the desktop shortcuts the virus had placed there but received a message that the program could not be found. Unfortunately Norton could not fix the damage that had been done, so we wound up having to wipe the hard-drive and reinstall every thing. We were able to recover all the user files. It may not be perfect, but it beats the competition. I have been using Norton Internet security for some time now and find that it is superior. I have had some issues when upgrading to newer versions of Norton or Windows, but most of these were related to my slow dial-up connection. With the 2011 version my issues have all been resolved. For new dial-up users be sure the smart updates switch is in the on position in the setup screen, otherwise you will have an enormous update to download each time you need to update.