Trend Micro Maximum Security 5 Devices 3 Years for PC, Mac, Android & IOS

Trend Micro Maximum Security 5 Devices 3 Years for PC, Mac, Android & IOS
  • Note: License key and official download link will be sent to your email id registered with amazon within 24 hours after purchase (check spam box if necessary). We do not ship any physical product as it takes 3-7 days; when you can get it within 24 hours via Amazon message and email.
  • We do not ship any physical product as it takes 3-7 days; when you can get it within 24 hours via Amazon message and email. 5 PC’s includes – PC, Android or iOS Phone and Tablet. Installs in moments.
  • It’ll then keep protecting you day and night, automatically updating itself against the latest threats to help keep you and your family safe. Essential protection that won’t let you down. Scans quickly & quietly
  • Advanced virus, malware, & spyware protection, online Shield for protection against harmful downloads. Real-Time Cloud Detection to help instantly spot new malware outbreaks & better protect you against malicious websites
  • Protects forever. Our program is so light and easy to install, you and your family will be protected in just moments. Protects and manages your passwords – Securely stores all your passwords and sensitive information, so you can access them when needed on any device

Product description

How long does it take for malware to infect your brand-new computer? If you use free or other inferior security software, maybe not long at all. Cyber criminals are more sophisticated than ever before, and they use a diverse arsenal of tools to gain access to your information. Other security products just don’t have the resources to keep up with new threats as they emerge. But our products do. As the threats get worse, our products just keep getting better. Our teams of security experts are constantly analyzing new threats and devising new ways to protect your devices from them. Our concentrated combination of dedication and expertise benefits our customers. Our products consistently outperform the competition in independent head-to-head tests. We include a protection promise- only we can make. We’re so confident in our ability to keep you secure, we offer our Virus Protection Promise. Our product is the quick and easy way to protect yourself from online threats – without all the hassle. It is built upon some of the most powerful security technologies in the world. Combining advanced heuristics with the power of cloud computing, we make sure that you have the strongest protection possible. It protects against viruses and online threats, safeguards your confidential financial data, and also improves your PC’s performance in the process. But you don’t have to take our word for it: Our technology is trusted by millions of users and consistently earns the praise of independent review platforms. With near-perfect scores across all tests, it is an industry leader in detection, protection, performance, and malware removal. Super Secure: Our product is one of the most highly awarded solutions in history – and it just got better. Our next-generation security has an upgraded virus engine with enhanced malware removal and the industry’s best self-defense capabilities.

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  • pi 5月 23, 2020 9:44 上午

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    I have used Trend Micro happily for many years on my computer. My protection was about to expire and I was about to renew when I came across this product. This was a great deal as the cost was about half of what it was going to be to renew through Trend Micro and gave me three years of protection instead of just one. In addition, this covers five devices including my desktop running windows7, my laptop with windows 10 and both of my kids iPads. The parental controls are great. I can limit their time online and filter unwanted content. One thing to be aware of is that this product is only the download link and serial number. You do not get a cd/dvd for installation. I ordered expecting to receive an email with my code and the hard disc to be mailed. Instead, I never received the email, and I only received the product key in the mail. This is not an issue if you know what you are purchasing. It was very easy to go to Trend Micros website, download the software and enter the product key. Now all of my devices are covered. The product was shipped quickly and I received it earlier than expected. Overall, I am happy with this purchase.